is a global network organisation that catalyses transformation of education. Since 2008, we believe that visioning educational change is essential to establish the right direction for education.
Our focal areas of interest are skills of the future, learning ecosystems, empowering learners of all ages and creating prototypes for educational change.

Skills of the Future

In order to create a vision on education, it is essential to know which skills workers of the future need to develop. To have an idea about these skills, GEF has conducted extensive research, using our "Skills Technology Foresight" methodology, which we created in cooperation with the International Labour Organization and WorldSkills movement. In this research, over 1,500 experts from over 60 countries have contributed their insights.

Learning Ecosystems

We believe that learning in the future is increasingly taking place in educational or learning ecosystems. Learning ecosystems are interconnected relationships organizing lifelong learning. The purpose of learning ecosystems is to offer pathways for learners to actively co-create thrivable futures for people, places, and our planet.

We develop several activities around this theme: research, education, and the development of ecosystem prototypes.

Key Partners: GELP, Metaversity, ASI, Weaving Lab, Vivir Agradecidos, Ashoka, MSM Skolkovo

Empowering Learners

We believe that a key aspect of the future of education is the empowerment of learners. Currently, the voice of children and young learners, the main beneficiaries of future educational systems, is underrepresented in the process of design of education.

Global Education Futures has developed a methodology and practice that involves young learners as participants of the design of future learning in schools, families, and cities. Several projects using this methodology have been conducted in Russia, Latvia, the USA (California) and Argentina, and we're growing the practice to more countries.
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